The CleanAIR oil-free compressors produce air at the highest quality, suitable for dentists, laboratories, surgeries, food packaging, drink dispensing and many other applications where hygienic and clean air is a must.

Choose for ultimate quality Requests?

Oil free, hygienic, dry air

  • 100% oil free air guaranteed.
  • Dry air down to -40 degree Celsius dew point.
  • No filtration system required to remove residual oil throughout the compressed air network. 

Quit operation

  • Quiet operation for standard, open units.
  • Acoustic canopy can be selected as an option to ensure extra silent operation.

Ultimate quality and reliability

  • Highest quality materials, with a minimal number of moving parts ensuring a long operating life with minimal service interventions.
  • No need for oil change and costs related to oil waste management.
  • Internally coated vessels ensure no corrosion and extend lifetime.