Eliminating risks

We developed our oil-free air compressors especially for applications demanding the highest levels of purity. Whether your activities are in pharmaceutical production, food processing, critical electronics or in a similarly exacting industry, zero oil means zero risk.

Zero risk of contamination. Zero risk of damaged or unsafe products, or of losses due to operational downtime. Above all, zero oil means zero risk of ruining your hard-earned reputation. 
Can oil-injected compressors with oil removal filters deliver oil-free air? This solution is often referred to as “technically oil-free air”. However, even under optimum conditions and with several stages of oil removal, the air quality with regard to oil is suspect. So, the answer is no. 
To achieve even barely acceptable air quality with oil-injected compressors, it is necessary to have air cooling devices and several stages of oil removal with multiple components. A failure of any of these components or inadequate maintenance can result in oil contamination of a process. 
With oil-injected compressors there will always be a risk of contamination and the possibility of severe consequences for the business. Therefore, with the oil-free air compressors, you’re choosing for zero risks, as oil-free air is 100% guaranteed.